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Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance

Fire is said to be a good servant but a bad master. A little spark of fire could become so huge to destroy all the properties.

Burglary Insurance

Beware and be prepared. The greed to become rich by unfair means can come at your expense

Machinery Insurance

When Machines are core to your Business, Maintenance and Insurance are the watch words.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

When electronic machines are the heart of your business, its damage can be catastrophic! Stay protected.

Money Insurance

What is acquired by hard work should not be lost without reason!!!

Fidelity Insurance

Employee fraud is rare, but damages can be severe and fatal to your business.

Portable Equipment Insurance

When your sales and service is electronic and mobility enabled, this is a must have.

Business Interruption Insurance

It takes time and effort to build a business. Do not let interruptions derail it.

Industrial All Risks Insurance

How about a single Policy which would cover your business assets, stocks and loss of profit arising out of any event?

Jewellers Block Insurance

When security is just not enough and a break in can cause losses of several crores, insurance is what you need.

Marine Cargo Insurance

We live in an interconnected world where your goods, the lifeline of your business is subject to forces beyond your control

Marine Hull Insurance

This insurance makes global trade possible.

Aviation Insurance

Aviation fleet of aircrafts, air buses, cargo carriers, helicopters, flying clubs etc need this insurance. Aircrafts under construction also needs this insurance

Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance

Loss arising out of damage to portable plant and machinery could put you in distress. Insurance is essential!

Film and Event Insurance

We live in an interconnected world where your goods, the lifeline of your business is subject to forces beyond your control


Third Party Liability due to damages can be devastating. Seek protection with Insurance!

Public Liability Act Insurance

If your business handles hazardous chemicals, find out if you need this Insurance. It might be illegal not to have it.

Product Liability Insurance

Someone could get hurt while using your product. That could end up hurting you very badly too! Find out if Product Liability Insurance is a need for you.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Legal liability to third parties due to unforeseen circumstances can be huge. Continuation of your business could depend on it. Are you protected?

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

Several jobs are hazardous by nature and your employees can get hurt. Sometimes very badly. Ensure that their financial interest and yours as well is protected.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

For any professional, earning and facing the risk of legal liability in case of failure to execute are two sides of the same coin. Get the risk covered by “Errors & Omissions” Insurance.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Performance of a Director depends upon several employees and voluminous data but legal liability arising out of such performance is his own. Obtain Directors’ Liability Insurance.

Carriers Legal Liability Insurance

Carriers owe duty of safe delivery of cargo. Failure to do so, gives the owner of cargo a right to claim on the Carriers.

Multimodal Transport Operators Insurance

Multimodal Transport Operations is govered by Act, which stipulates that insurance for goods is compulsory. Learn more about the provisions of Act and Insurance.

Clinical Trials Insurance

When clinical trials end in huge financial liability, the medical world does not explore and hence dwindles. Obtain Clinical Trails Insurance to fight such financial liability.

Trade Credit Insurance

In the modern world where you don’t get the price for your product upfront, the wait is agonising, unsecured and at times unrealisable. Think of an insurance before listing out the clients.

Crime Insurance

Employees may cause direct financial loss to you by their acts of infidelity. This may also bring about legal liability to you from your customers. Mulling the advantages of crime insurance is not a waste of time indeed!

Cyber Insurance

The cyberspace has facilitated the real world to be shrunk inside the office space. However, crimes happening in cyberspace could eat away the whole business. Learn more on the ways to mitigate..

Special Contingency Insurance

No accidental loss is uninsurable. If existing insurances do not cover your specific exposure, why not approach for a tailor-made insurance!


Frieght Forwarders render a broader spectrum of services of transportation, storage and other logistics. An ‘all-in-one’insurance is what they need.

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